Agricultural Systems

of the future

Visions for Agricultural Systems of the Future

Innovative approaches for sustainable agricultural production

Agricultural Systems of the Future. Our agrosystems are facing profound changes. Due to the effects of climate change, the scarcity of cultivable land and the steadily growing world population, it is becoming increasingly more challenging for the existing production systems to meet the demand for foods of sufficient quality and quantity.

The trend of urbanisation, geopolitical instability and grave decline in biodiversity are further exacerbating the situation. Meeting the changed requirements will no longer be possible with the conventional forms of agricultural production.

Novel agricultural systems and forms of production that use space more efficiently may be able to largely avoid conflicting goals in the production and use of foods. Conserving the environmental resources of air, water, soil and biodiversity along with meeting relevant environmental and climate protection targets are important prerequisites here.

Eight interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research consortia funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) are researching and testing innovative approaches for Agricultural Systems of the Future in order to pave new ways in the agricultural economy.



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Innovative approaches for Agricultural Systems of the Future

The eight consortia subsidised by the BMBF

CUBES Circle

Future Food Production


Digital Agricultural Knowledge and Information System


Food of the future


Innovative Grassland Management


Agriculture 4.0 without Chemical Synthetic Plant Protection


Development of the Operators’ Cab of the Future


Nutrient Communities for Sustainable Agriculture


Agriculture in the Urban Environment